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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sword & Sarcasm #1: Home Is The Zero

Big news! Our Sword & Sarcasm collection, containing all seven chapters, is now available from DriveThruComics! You can also enjoy this encore presentation of Sword & Sarcasm — from the start, below!

In which the young duke experiences a reversal of fortune...

Click below to start the quest from the beginning!

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Sarcasm... with a sword!

Meet Duke Benedict, ruler of the Duchy of Tyranto. He’s not the greatest ruler in the world... OK, he’s actually the worst! And his people think so, too — which is why they took the very bright step of throwing him out on his ear. But he doesn’t give up that easily. Like the plague, he keeps coming back!

Which brings us to
Herbert. A mercenary by trade, he claims to be a minotaur -- and Duke Benedict originally thinks he's the answer to retaking his kingdom. But Benedict soon learns that Herbert is under a number of curses -- including having to follow the most obnoxious soul in the land ... him!

Fortunately for Benedict and Herbert — or perhaps unfortunately — they're not the only victim of transformative magic. When his apprentice Casmerelda gave him the cold shoulder, wizard Jelron the Beige cast a spell fusing her and her kitten familiar — turning her into a cat-girl sorceress! She didn't mind much — as it brought out her inner self, making her a happier, furrier person. But she'd still like to teach her former master a thing or two!